At Growcart we are gardening enthusiasts.  From award winning bonsai trees to the amazing cannabis plant. A few years ago, My wife, was injured in a car accident. She found it difficult to continue the hobby she loved and care for her plants plants.

In the beginning her plants were in trays on the floor due to the accident. Like many people, our plants were supported using a variety of stakes, tomato cages or netting.  This was time consuming and very labor intensive.  As My wife would say, “it was just a hot mess.”



This inspired GrowCart's invention of our grow carts, mobile grow tables and trellis systems.

Our tables are designed for both independent and commercial growers. Our grow tables make gardening easier, more efficient and maximize available space and light.

Some of the advantages of using a GrowCart product are:

  1. Having your plants at a more comfortable working height, reduces strain on the spine and knees. Our tables are mobile; this provides better access to observe and care for your plants. Also, being mobile allows you to rotate crops and simplifies cleaning and sanitizing.
  2. Our integrated trellis systems allow you to take control and shape your garden’s canopy. Training your plants, redistributes hormone auxin, creating more bud sites, increasing air/co2 flow and nutrient uptake.
  3. GrowCart’s tilted trellis system improves light penetration, flower quality, plant size, and density, using our patent pending “light catch technology”.
  4. Combining our tables, maximizes your lights energy or PPF (photosynthetic photon flux), by tilting and raising the edges to form a V shaped pattern.  This allows for more consistent distribution of light across the entire growing surface and increases your canopy size 25%.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to working with you on your growing efforts.