Why Grow with Mobile Grow Carts Makes Sense

Why should you consider using mobile grow carts for your plantings? Here are a few quick reasons.

Easy access to plants – Plants that are hard to reach or observe are more prone to pathogens and pest. GrowCart’s ability to easily move groups of plants, allows you to quickly head off potential problems and be proactive.
Interacting and training plants- Plants that are left unattended perform poorly, but when trained and cared for they produce better quality product and have higher yields.

Move or rotate crops- Some States have laws that mandate limits on plant counts and amount of product. GrowCart allows you to dial in a perpetual garden by rotating your crops therefore developing consistency and maximizing number of plants.

Cleaning and Sanitation – A clean garden is a healthy garden. Stationary benches are heavy and difficult to clean around. Growcarts are mobile and help to simplify the maintenance and sanitizing process.

Try out GrowCart's mobile grow carts today - ordering online is easy. Or, if you have question, please call.