Seven GrowCart Fixes for Seven Growing Challenges

  1. High Electrical cost and wasted light – The GrowCart’s “light catch technology” allows the light’s energy PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) to reach more of the plant. Our high-performance tilting trellis design gives you control by raising the sides of the plant closer to the source, where measured PAR (Photosynthetic active Radiation) is the weakest. This evenly distributes light, creates better-quality product and increases yields.
  2. Limited space for indoor growers – Because of the geometry the GrowCart’s angled growing is the answer for the forward-thinking grower to get 25% more product in the same footprint. 
  3. Low Ceiling Height. Many grow rooms are limited to 8’ ceilings and most grow tents are even lower. Bigger isn’t always better. By training your plants in our high-performance trellis system you can grow low. This allows you to have better control of space between the light fixture and your plants, preventing hot spots and light scorch, while still maximizing yield.
  4. Having to stoop, bend, and maneuver around the plant --.. Plants that are on the ground or locked in place with netting, makes it hard to reach and care for them. The GrowCart gets your plants off the ground reducing fatigue and back strain, and allows the grower to work in a more comfortable position. The cart is on wheels, allowing you to move your plants into advantageous work locations. 
  5. Drying and preparing plants to harvest is time consuming and tedious. Many growers tell us this is their least favorite part of the process. With our Growcart you just clip and flip.  Clip the plant away from the growing medium and flip the trellis upside down to dry. Making drying and curing  a breeze.
  6. Mold accumulation and poor nutrition -- By having the plants off the ground and utilizing GrowCart’s high-performance trellis, you improve airflow which reduces mold exposure. Making it simple to train plants to produce more saleable product And improving their  nutrient intake while having easier to maintain plants.
  7. Limited plant licensing – Growers are often licensed to only grow a certain number of plants.  By utilizing the GrowCart you will obtain more saleable product from that same number of licensed plants, putting more money into your pockets.  Both the GrowCart tilting trellis and GrowCart Tree Fort designs allow for maximum yields of your licensed plants. 


Don’t grow flat!  Use GrowCart products and get the angle on better growing.


Inquire about GrowCart’s sample cart program to give Angled or Big Tree Growing a try.